Wednesday, February 24, 2016

DUI Attorney Denver

If you fail a breathalyzer test in Colorado, the consequences can be expensive and long-lasting. Drivers facing charges related to driving whilst under the influence of alcohol should hire a competent DUI attorney in Denver without delay. At McAllister Law Office, we have been representing citizens charged with DUI and DWAI for over 15 years. Our defense lawyers are members of both the Colorado Bar Association and the Colorado Criminal Defense Bar. We proud ourselves on being the professionals that anybody can turn to for great results. Whether you have an extensive criminal history or are a first time offender, our Denver DUI attorneys can give you the advantage in court and change your future for the better.

Feel confident that your DUI attorney has the confidence and knowledge to fight your case effectively. Our clients feel comfortable and calm, knowing that they have a top defense team working on their case. We understand that the prospect of a conviction, losing your license and other associated penalties can be intimidating. We know that with a well-researched defense strategy and authority in the courtroom, our DUI attorneys in Denver have the potential to turn your case around. Call us today for more details or to schedule a consultation with a specialized DUI defense lawyer.

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