Thursday, January 21, 2016

Marijuana Business Attorney Littleton

Find the Littleton marijuana business attorney capable of leading your company to success in 2016. McAllister Law Office is a full service business law firm for the established marijuana industry within Colorado. Since 2009 we have represented hundreds of dispensaries and marijuana retail companies. Whether you are planning on setting up a marijuana business, or have questions regarding the complex regulations in place, we can give you the advice you need. Our Littleton marijuana business attorneys have been offering a range of services including assistance with drafting articles of incorporation, vendor contracts, promissory notes with investors and operating agreements.

We have also succeeded in defending marijuana dispensaries in state enforcement actions. With our experience in all facets of Colorado marijuana regulations and our excellent track record of success, there is no better law firm to turn to for a reliable marijuana business attorney. From dispensaries to manufacturing companies, distributors and retail, our team will ensure you are working within the regulations. Give the best guarantee to your investors with a seal of approval from an experienced Littleton marijuana business attorney. Start your journey along the road to full regulation compliance and successful trading today. Simply call us to schedule an appointment.

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