Monday, January 18, 2016

Marijuana Business Attorney Broomfield

A professional marijuana business attorney in Broomfield can give you the confidence you need when starting a new company. Our team of legal experts specializes in marijuana business law within the state of Colorado. With over 14 years of experience, McAllister Law Office is your best source of knowledge and legal counsel. We have represented hundreds of customers looking to profit from the new legal marijuana trade. Additionally, there are many individuals such as healthcare providers and marijuana dispensary workers that need to be fully aware of their legal rights and responsibilities when dealing with legal marijuana on a daily basis. A Broomfield marijuana business attorney can draft employee contracts, operating agreements and other important legal documents.

For individuals or businesses involved in cultivation, retail, distribution or marijuana infused product manufacturing, you will need to have well written documentation. Our marijuana business attorneys can ensure that you are adhering to the regulations and keep your company updated on any developments. Marijuana is regulated under a dual licensing scheme at both state and local level. In order to get through the red tape as quickly as possible and launch your business, a consultation with an experienced marijuana business attorney in Broomfield will get you what you need.

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