Thursday, January 14, 2016

Marijuana Business Attorney Boulder

A qualified marijuana business attorney in Boulder can provide invaluable information and assistance for anybody setting up a new enterprise. McAllister Law Office, in addition to providing legal representation to individuals, is a full service business law firm for the marijuana industry. Contact us for advice on the legal aspect of running a medical marijuana dispensary or any business involving marijuana cultivation, production or distribution. The legislature surrounding this exciting new industry is complex and strictly enforced. To help you get through the red tape and start turning a profit as soon as possible, hire an experienced marijuana business attorney in Boulder.

Our legal team works hard to ensure you have sophisticated and tight business contracts that allow no room for ambiguity. Our specialized Boulder marijuana business attorneys will help draft operating agreements, articles of incorporation, promissory notes with investors and contracts with vendors. We have been working with policy makers who have shaped the current regulations on legal medical and recreational marijuana use and distribution. From cultivation to marijuana infused product manufacturing, there is a long list of health and safety recommendations to be followed. Fortunately, your local Boulder marijuana business attorney can take you through these potential obstacles step by step to ensure your business operates successfully within the boundaries of state and local regulations.

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