Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Denver Criminal Defense Attorney Federal Court

McAllister Law Office is a highly credible Denver criminal law firm with extensive experience in criminal defense in the Denver federal courts. Established by Sean T. McAllister, one of Colorado’s foremost drug policy reform lawyers, this law firm will give you the best advantage in navigating legal issues for you or your company. Our Denver federal court criminal defense attorneys have an excellent track record of success in trials. Focusing on criminal defense, marijuana law and DUI, our criminal lawyers commit to providing the best legal aid for each client. With a solid defense built on meticulous research and knowledge of both state and local laws, you will have a better chance at a positive outcome from any criminal charge.

For drug possession and distribution charges, a competent lawyer can argue the case of his client. At McAllister Law Office we go above and beyond what is expected of a lawyer. Our federal court criminal defense attorneys incorporate extensive investigation, an aggressive court presence and a strong 4th amendment defense to deliver the optimal defense for our clients. For everything from federal drug offenses to prescription drug distribution, we are the law firm to turn to when you need a Denver federal court criminal defense attorney.

For more information about McAllister Law Office visit our website at www.mcallisterlawoffice.com