Thursday, December 10, 2015

Drug Possession Charges Colorado

Recent changes in legislation around drug possession charges in Colorado have left many people unsure about their rights. The defense attorneys at McAllister Law Office have expertise in this area and can be trusted to guide you through any criminal drug charges you may be facing. We have extensive experience with drug distribution charges, drug possession charges and many different cases involving medical marijuana patients and suppliers. Our goal is to protect the rights of innocent people. We do this with confidence, knowledge and experience in order to put forward the most aggressive defense for our customers.

Specializing in marijuana law in the state of Colorado, we can assist you in navigating the constantly evolving legislature. From charges involving cannabis to heroin, and prescription drugs to ecstasy, our team has extensive experience in all areas of drug law. For the most informed advice on Colorado drug possession charges and your legal rights, we are your best resource. Don’t let previous convictions lower your expectations for the future. From legal advice for businesses to personal drug possession charges in Colorado, our attorneys have the professional experience necessary to guide you through the difficult legal process of a drugs trial with absolute ease.

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