Thursday, December 3, 2015

Boulder Marijuana Business Attorney

Looking for a Boulder marijuana business attorney? Since the passing of Amendment 64 in Colorado, McAllister Law Office has been working tirelessly to protect the rights of entrepreneurs in the legal marijuana industry. We regularly represent medical marijuana dispensaries, doctors, patients and their caretakers in legal disputes. We also assist those who want to take the plunge into starting a business within this exciting new industry. From cultivation to processing, packaging and distribution, marijuana is tightly regulated at every stage. The right marijuana business attorney will help you to push past the legal red tape and get your company up and running without delay.

Since 2009 we have successfully fought on behalf of a number of enterprises accused of rule violations related to the distribution of marijuana. Our marijuana business attorneys in Boulder actually helped to draft the new regulations and have contributed significantly to the legalization of marijuana. There is nobody better informed or better equipped to help you achieve a positive result in court. We are currently working on pioneering strategies to make business easier for marijuana companies within Colorado and nationally. If you have any queries, do not hesitate to contact your local marijuana business attorneys in Boulder for assistance.

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