Friday, November 27, 2015

Marijuana Arrest Denver

A marijuana arrest in Denver can be highly stressful and inconvenient for any individual to handle. McAllister Law Office has been in operation for over 14 years and provides quality legal representation to Denver citizens. From charges for misdemeanor drug possession to possession for sale, our team regularly takes on all kinds of cases. We can offer clients a knowledgeable, friendly defense attorney with specific experience and qualifications. We are members of both the Colorado Bar Association and the Colorado Criminal Defense Bar. As soon as you experience a marijuana arrest in Denver, the first step you need to take is to secure reliable legal representation.

There are different types of drug charges that can be made against you with punishments of varying severity. The unlawful possession of a small amount of marijuana will not lead to the same consequences as possession for sale of heroin or cocaine if you are convicted. Our defense attorneys have plenty of experience with marijuana arrests in all types of clients, from first time offenders to those with extensive criminal histories. We offer our clients the right recipe for a successful outcome. With a strong 4th Amendment defense, a thorough investigation and an aggressive position with the district attorney your Denver marijuana arrest can be left in the past.

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