Sunday, October 18, 2015

Marijuana Business Attorney Littleton

McAllister Law Office is home to the leading marijuana business attorneys in Littleton and across metro Denver and Summit County. We are a law firm specializing in criminal defense, DUI charges, drug charges and marijuana law as it relates to business. If you are an entrepreneur interested in launching a new endeavor in the marijuana industry, there are many factors to consider. Commercial marijuana is regulated at both state and local level. Any production, cultivation, transportation, packaging or retail of marijuana or marijuana infused products is subject to this dual license requirement. A professional marijuana business attorney in Littleton can help you to set this up in addition to drafting operating agreements and contracts.

Our Littleton marijuana business attorneys have been intrinsically involved in the development of new laws allowing marijuana to be used medicinally and recreationally. We have played a key part in drafting the Amendment 64 and our team continues to work for improved regulation. Since 2009 we have successfully represented hundreds of dispensaries and marijuana enterprises. We can defend your business in state enforcement actions based on alleged rule violations. Contact an experienced marijuana business attorney in Littleton today and ensure your business is compliant and operating at its full potential.

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