Monday, October 26, 2015

Marijuana Business Attorney Boulder

Trust only the most experienced marijuana business attorney in Boulder when you find yourself in trouble with the law. McAllister Law Office is a firm with over 14 years of experience representing individuals. When the legal regulation of marijuana started to change in Colorado, we realized there was a need for commercial marijuana producers and vendors to acquire informed and professional legal services. Since 2009 we have been operating as a full service business law firm for the marijuana industry. Whether you are an entrepreneur interested in launching a new business into this fast growing industry or an existing business owner needing to revise your operating agreements, our marijuana business attorneys in Boulder can help you.

We have experience in pre-trial and trial litigation. If your company has been charged with rule violations, you will need an attorney in Boulder specializing in marijuana business law. Our lawyers have been closely involved with developing the legislation into what it is today. At both state and local level we have helped to draft new laws along with the Colorado Department of public Health and the Marijuana Enforcement Division. To have somebody on your side who really knows what they are dealing with will be enormously advantageous to you. Call us today and speak directly to one of our friendly marijuana business attorneys in Boulder.

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