Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Marijuana Arrest Denver

McAllister Law Office can provide you with a highly trained and experienced Denver marijuana arrest lawyer. For the past 14 years our law firm has been defending citizens charged with many different types of criminal activity. We focus on drug law, the marijuana industry and DUI or DWAI charges. The legislature regulating the distribution and possession of marijuana in Colorado has changed immensely. Colorado citizens can now benefit from the medicinal and recreational use of marijuana without fear of prosecution. The laws in place regulating marijuana need to be respected however. If you experience a marijuana arrest in Denver do not hesitate to contact our team and secure reliable legal representation.

The faster you get a qualified defense attorney working on your case, the easier it will be to make sure that marijuana arrest does not lead to a conviction. Our team of legal experts has an excellent track record of success in the court room. With a detailed investigation, confidence in the court room and a strong position with the prosecution, you will have the best chances of a positive outcome after your Denver marijuana arrest. Whether you are a first time of offender or have a history of convictions for drug crime or other crimes, we can represent you.