Friday, September 25, 2015

Denver Marijuana Defense Attorney

Call a reliable Denver marijuana defense attorney today for assistance if you have been charged with illegal possession or distribution. Although legalized for certain uses in the state of Colorado, marijuana is still regulated by strict laws. At McAllister Law Office we help our clients to understand their rights and responsibilities surrounding marijuana. We have successfully represented hundreds of citizens. Our friendly and knowledgeable marijuana defense attorneys will take you step by step through the legal process. We will provide you with the building blocks of a solid defense strategy and ensure you are given the fairest verdict possible.

Since 2009 we have been offering our legal services to businesses involved in the marijuana industry. Whether you are cultivating, distributing, packaging or selling marijuana or marijuana infused products, your company will be subjected to strict regulations. Our Denver marijuana defense attorney have extensive experience in assisting clients in understanding the dual licensing system at both state and local level. We will guide you through the legal red tape with ease. Our aim is to get your business fully compliant and operating at its maximum potential. If your business has been accused of rule violations, call a Denver marijuana defense attorney today.

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