Saturday, August 22, 2015

DUI Lawyer Breckenridge

McAllister Law Office is the place to turn to when you are in search of a reliable DUI lawyer in Breckenridge. Our dedicated attorneys have been offering their services to drivers across Colorado for over 14 years now. Our firm specializes in criminal defense, drug law and DUI or DWAI charges. Our lawyers have been deeply involved in many high profile cases and are some of the best experts on the science of marijuana in the blood and how this relates to DUI and DWAI charges. Give yourself the best chance of a successful outcome by hiring an experienced DUI lawyer in Breckenridge without delay.

In Colorado, if you are caught driving under the influence of alcohol, certain prescription drugs or controlled substances, you may be in for an uncertain future. The penalties given in association with DUI and DWAI convictions can range from steep fines and mandatory drug or alcohol classes, to substantial periods on probation or in jail. Avoid this by hiring one of the leading DUI lawyers in Breckenridge. With the highest level of education, professional qualifications and specific experience in this area of the law, our legal team is well equipped to represent you in court and protect you rights. For a low stress experience contact one of our DUI lawyers in Breckenridge today.

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