Friday, August 21, 2015

Dui Defense Attorney Denver

A professional DUI defense attorney in Denver can be your ticket to freedom. If you or somebody close to you has received charges, do not hesitate to contact McAllister Law Office for immediate assistance. Our specialized defense attorneys are ready to take on your case today. We have over 14 years of experience in defending the rights of Colorado drivers. As soon as you receive notice of DUI or DWAI charges, you have just 10 days to request an administrative hearing for a temporary driver’s license. If you miss this deadline you will lose your right to drive for the entirety of the legal proceedings of your case. Our experienced DUI defense attorneys will ensure all paperwork is submitted on time at every stage of the process.

Our aim is to ensure clients have a low stress experience and are given the best advantage in court. Your Denver DUI defense attorney will work hard on your behalf in order to get you the result you need. We have an excellent track record of minimizing penalties and helping our clients to avoid convictions altogether. Whether you are a first time offender or hold multiple convictions, there is always hope. The right DUI defense attorney in Denver can help you grasp it today.

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