Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Criminal Attorney Breckenridge

Being charged with a crime can have a huge impact on your professional and personal life. With the right criminal attorney in Breckenridge, you can avoid a conviction and allow those charges to become a distant memory. At McAllister Law Office, we specialize in criminal law, DUI and drug crimes. Our firm is well known for its successes in high profile drug cases, however our most frequent clients are ordinary citizens charged with minor misdemeanors. From traffic law violations to serious sexual assault, our Breckenridge criminal attorneys are ready to defend you with strength and intelligence in the courtroom.

From felonies to DUIs, the best way to avoid a conviction and the potential consequences is to hire a professional criminal attorney in Breckenridge. Depending on the severity of your charges, you could be facing large fines, community service, probation or a prison sentence. Our friendly defense lawyers will ensure you have a low stress experience. They will work closely with you to build a solid defense strategy making use of all possible evidence and witnesses after a thorough investigation. A knowledgeable and successful criminal attorney in Breckenridge will be your strongest ally and the key to getting a successful outcome in any criminal case.

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