Saturday, July 4, 2015

Marijuana Business Attorney Lakewood

For legal representation of businesses or corporations involved in the legal marijuana trade within the state of Colorado, McAllister Law Office can offer their services. Our founder, Sean T McAllister is leading marijuana business attorney operating in Lakewood and the surrounding areas. In this highly regulated industry it is essential for business owners to have an up to date knowledge on the restrictions in place. To keep your business operating successfully and within the law, it is advisable to seek professional legal help, when setting up a business or making any adjustments to your operations. Our marijuana business attorneys can draft the important contracts and agreements necessary to keep you in compliance with the law.

Our specialized marijuana business attorneys in Lakewood provide plenary services to both new and existing businesses. We can draft articles of incorporations, promissory notes with investors, operating agreements, contracts with vendors and much more. We also frequently assist corporations with their land use issues, real estate, taxes and litigation. Empower yourself to expand your business today. Contact our Lakewood marijuana business attorneys and see where your potential really lies. More than 20 states currently allow medical or recreational marijuana. With the right legal advice, you can take your enterprise to the next level of success.

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