Sunday, July 26, 2015

Marijuana Business Attorney Boulder

The right marijuana business attorney in Boulder can be the difference in your future. At McAllister Law Office we prioritize the needs of our clients. From the first meeting we will work closely with you to achieve goals. Whether you are planning on opening a business within the marijuana industry or simply need some clarification on caregiver responsibilities, our legal team is here to help. Since 2009 we have been representing large and small marijuana companies based in Colorado. Our Boulder marijuana business attorneys are ready to assist with the cultivators, marijuana infused product manufacturers, dispensary owners, patients and their caregivers.

The caregivers of individuals receiving medical marijuana are subject to strict regulation. A marijuana business attorney in Boulder will be able to explain your rights and the rights of your patient to you without all of the legal jargon. Primary caregivers who have been authorized by Amendment 20 to provide medical marijuana to patients with debilitating conditions need to protect themselves legally and avoid accidentally breaking the law in their everyday work tasks. Contact a marijuana business attorney in Boulder today to set up a consultation. With extensive trial and pretrial litigation experience, there is no better option to call in Colorado for all medical marijuana related legal problems.

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