Friday, July 17, 2015

Dui Lawyer Denver

McAllister Law Office is your best source of legal advice for any issues related to criminal law or drug issues. For the past 14 years we have been representing ordinary Denver citizens who have been charged with all sorts of criminal activity including drug distribution and DUI or DWAI charges. Our DUI lawyers in Denver take pride in their excellent success rate. If you have received a DUI, there is no time to lose. From the date you receive this charge, there are only 10 working days for you to request an administrative hearing for a temporary driver’s license, otherwise you lose that right for the duration of the case.

An experienced and knowledgeable DUI lawyer in Denver is your best weapon against the possibility of a conviction. Our defense lawyers work hard to get you the result you need. We are highly practiced in this area of the law and have plenty of experience with first time offenders, contesting field sobriety, prior convictions and probable cause. Our DUI lawyers in Denver will ensure you have a low stress experience and are fully prepared for the outcome. Call us today to speak directly with a Denver DUI lawyer and learn about your options.