Sunday, June 28, 2015

Marijuana Charges Denver

Marijuana charges in Denver do not have to define your future. With the right defense attorney, you can get a positive result and move on with your life. At McAllister Law Office our experts have the skills and experience to protect your rights in court and defend you with confidence. For over 14 years we have been handling all kinds of marijuana charges in Denver on behalf of our clients. From possession of a small amount of illegal marijuana to drug distribution charges and possession of drug paraphernalia, there are many ways the law can come down hard on you.

Since 2009 we have been operating as a full service business law firm for the marijuana industry. From healthcare professionals to cultivators, medical marijuana patients and producers of marijuana infused products, we have successfully represented a wide range of clients. Depending on the type of marijuana charges you are facing, there may be a host of different potential penalties lined up. You could be facing heavy fines, mandatory drug classes, probation, prison time or community service if convicted. Marijuana charges in Denver can have a serious impact on your private and professional life. Give yourself the best advantage today by hiring a competent and strong drug defense attorney.

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