Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Lakewood Marijuana Business Attorney

Find a Lakewood marijuana business attorney that can provide expert advice to all kinds of entrepreneurs and business people. Since 2009,McAllister Law Office has been operating as a full service business law firm. Whether you are interested in opening a medical marijuana dispensary or cultivating commercial marijuana, we have the legal experts to guide you from the beginning. With strict regulations at both a state and local level, it is all too easy for new entrepreneurs to misinterpret guidelines and accidentally break the law. A Lakewood marijuana business attorney can help you to ensure your business is operating successfully within the law.

Our Lakewood marijuana business attorneys have the experience and knowledge you need to launch your business without delay. We can do the in depth research for you and draft the important contracts. From operating agreements to employee contracts and investor agreements, your business will have the airtight documentation it needs to function seamlessly within the law. We have worked closely with the Marijuana Enforcement division, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, and local policymakers to develop the legislature in place. Choose a Lakewood marijuana business attorney who is closely involved with the current policies and who knows how to work with them successfully.

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