Thursday, June 18, 2015

DUI Lawyer Denver

An experienced DUI lawyer in Denver will give you a low stress experience and the best chances of success. McAllister Law Office has over 14 years of experience in defending Colorado drivers on DUI and DWAI charges. With our experts by your side, there will be nothing standing in your way. Take some of the weight of off your shoulders and allow a professional to do the difficult work for you. We carry out a thorough investigation into your case and build a defense strategy based on our in depth understanding of Colorado and federal law. Your DUI lawyer in Denver is the key to a future of freedom for you.

Facing this kind of charge can be daunting and overwhelming. Your Denver DUI lawyer has plenty of experience in dealing with even the most complex cases. We have successfully represented those with prior convictions for DUI as well as first time offenders. We know how to contest field sobriety, deal with probable cause and set an aggressive position with the prosecution in court. If convicted, you can lose your license, be sent to prison, put on probation or have to take mandatory alcohol classes. Contact a DUI lawyer in Denver today and give yourself the best chance of a successful result.

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