Monday, June 8, 2015

Criminal Lawyer Denver

Trust McAllister Law Office to provide you with a professional and experienced criminal lawyer in Denver. We have been representing individuals and businesses for over 14 years with great success rates. Specializing in criminal defense, our team offers services to all citizens within the state of Colorado. If you are currently facing criminal charges, the best thing you can do is to hire a professional to represent you in court and ensure your rights are being protected. Our criminal lawyers are friendly, approachable and experienced in working with first time offenders. Take some of the weight off of your shoulders today and call a legal professional.

We frequently deal with drug crime, DUI charges, family court issues and white collar crime. Whether you have received charges for assault or tax fraud, we are ready to step in and defend you. Our Denver criminal lawyers can handle everything from minor misdemeanors to felony level offences. We are members of both the Colorado Criminal Defense Bar and the Colorado Bar Association. Avoid a conviction and make sure your future is not spent in prison, on probation or carrying out long hours of community service. Call our firm to speak directly to one of our top Denver criminal lawyers today.

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