Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Boulder Marijuana Business Attorney

McAllister Law Office is a full service business law firm catering to the marijuana industry in Colorado. We offer legal representation and advice to a variety of different individuals and corporations. To ensure your company is operating within the law, hire a marijuana business attorney in Boulder today. We are commonly requested by companies who need help drafting their articles of incorporation, key investor contracts, operating agreements and employee contracts. From health and safety regulations to land use issues and tax queries, your local Boulder marijuana business attorney has the answers.

We know that starting a business is a demanding and sometimes overwhelming endeavor. It is never too late to ask for help. Ourmarijuana business attorneys have plenty of experience navigating the red tape surrounding marijuana cultivation and distribution. Whether you are involved in marijuana infused product manufacturing or medical marijuana in a healthcare setting, we can be of service to you. With the complex dual licensing system in place, there are many ways to overlook certain steps in making your business venture completely law abiding. A friendly and approachable marijuana business attorney serving Boulder and the surrounding areas will be able to detect any regulation compliance issues and clarify your rights and responsibilities.

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