Saturday, May 23, 2015

Marijuana Business Attorney Boulder

McAllister Law Office is a full service business law firm for the marijuana industry. Since 2009, our marijuana business attorneys in Boulder have been representing companies and individuals involved in the legal marijuana trade. From medical dispensaries to caregivers and manufacturers of marijuana infused products, there are a wide range of different people that can benefit from our specialized legal advice. Whether you are facing state enforced actions for alleged rule violations or are in the planning stages of setting up your own company, our marijuana business attorneys in Boulder can help you.

For entrepreneurs venturing into the marijuana business in Colorado, there are a number of things to consider from a legal standpoint. You will need sophisticated operation agreements, employee contracts and promissory notes with key investors before you proceed. A qualified marijuana business attorney in Boulder can draw these up for you. With the comprehensive dual licensing scheme in place at state and local level it is easy to make a costly mistake. Getting professional legal assistance at this initial stage will help you to sail through the red tape and get your business up and running without delay. Talk to a Boulder marijuana business attorney about your options today.

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