Thursday, May 28, 2015

Marijuana Arrest Denver

A marijuana arrest in Denver does not have to cause a huge negative impact on your life. McAllister Law Office is a specialized firm focusing on criminal defense and marijuana law within Colorado. With the recent changes in legislation governing legal marijuana within the state of Colorado, many people may be confused about their rights and limitations in relation to marijuana use, possession and distribution. Although marijuana has been legalized within Colorado, there is a dual licensing scheme in place to regulate it at both state and local level. If you do not have the necessary permits to grow, produce, or sell products containing marijuana, you may be unknowingly breaking the law. Talk to one of our marijuana arrest experts today to discuss your options and how to move forward following charges.

We have had excellent success in representing all kinds of people, from those with extensive criminal records to first time offenders. We can fight for you rights in court and give you a well-researched, strong defense. For both drug possession and drug distribution charges following a Denver marijuana arrest, you will need a specialized defense attorney with plenty of experience in this area of the law. Call us today and give yourself the best chances of walking away from a Denver marijuana arrest without any repercussions.