Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Lakewood Marijuana Business Attorney

McAllister Law Office specializes in marijuana law and representing businesses trading in legal marijuana within the state of Colorado. If your company is coming under fire from the law, or has been charged with any rule violations, it is important to secure a competent Lakewood marijuana business attorney. With over 14 years of experience, our team has what it takes to defend your company and keep your name in good standing. Our qualified and experienced Lakewood marijuana business attorneys are ready to take on your case today.

With a dual licensing scheme operating at state and local level, it is all too easy to make a mistake and violate one or other of the complex systems governing legal marijuana commerce. Our Lakewood marijuana business attorneys will guide you through the red tape and ensure you are fully compliant with the law. We can revise key documents such as operation agreements, employee contracts and vendor licenses. Our marijuana business attorneys frequently represent medical marijuana caregivers, dispensaries, marijuana infused product producers and those involved at every level of distribution and sales of marijuana products. Call us now to talk directly to a specialized marijuana attorney for any queries or consultations you may have.

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