Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Marijuana Business Attorney Parker

Sean McAllister is the founder of a successful law firm and a prominent marijuana business attorney serving Parker and the areas around metro Denver. McAllister Law Office provides a wide range of legal services and court representation to the citizens of Colorado. Additionally, it acts as a full service business law firm for those in the marijuana industry. We frequently represent medical marijuana dispensary owners, patients and their caregivers. Additionally cultivators, distributors and manufacturers involved in the legal marijuana trade often seek our help in a range of matters. Our marijuana business attorneys assist entrepreneurs to navigate the red tape and decipher the legislation governing marijuana within the state of Colorado.

Since 2009, our Parker marijuana business attorneys have helped to establish and also have represented hundreds of companies. Businesses involved in producing marijuana infused products are subject to a wide range of regulations and strict licensing agreements. We can ensure that your company complies with the rules at both state and local level. You can kick-start your success today by hiring a qualified and experienced marijuana business attorney in Parker. Get your contracts, operating agreements and employee documents out of the way now and take your company to the next level.