Friday, April 24, 2015

Lone Tree Marijuana Business Attorney

With the recent changes in Colorado law, the legal marijuana industry is now wide open and ready for entrepreneurs to take advantage of. Before launching your business however, it is necessary to consult with a Lone Tree marijuana business attorney who has experience in this particular field. McAllister Law Office can provide well informed attorneys who have been working closely with the policy makers in this field over the past few years. Ensure your business activities are carried out within the law. Our Lone Tree marijuana business attorneys have extensive knowledge on the dual licensing system, at both state and local levels.

With strict regulations in place, anybody considering running a medical marijuana dispensary or a marijuana processing operation needs to be well informed. Our marijuana business attorneys will take you step by step through the requirements of your business endeavor. We can draft the articles of incorporation, operations agreements and employee contracts for you and assist with other legal matters. The red tape does not need to hold you back from launching a successful marijuana business. Call our office today to speak with a marijuana business attorney in Lone Tree today and discuss your ideas with a qualified and experienced expert.

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