Thursday, April 2, 2015

Aurora Marijuana Business Attorney

Are you in need of an Aurora marijuana business attorney? For legal assistance and representation, you can rely upon McAllister Law Office. We are a full service business law firm for the marijuana industry and have been representing dispensaries and businesses successfully since 2009. In this newly emerging and highly regulated industry, you will need sophisticated business contracts. From drafting articles of incorporation to employee contracts and land use agreements, our Aurora marijuana business attorney will ensure everything is in order before you launch your new company.

For all business matters involving Colorado marijuana laws, including Amendment 64, consult with a professional marijuana business attorney. Our friendly and approachable lawyers will remove the confusion and leave you feeling confident in your ability to operate your business success. A marijuana infused product producer or a medical marijuana dispensary can face a lot of red tape in the set up stages. An established Aurora marijuana business attorney with experience in this field will ensure your business abides by the law at both local and state level. Protect yourself and the future of your business with airtight contracts and patents on your products. Call McAllister Law Office today to schedule a consultation and start on the road to success.

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