Saturday, March 28, 2015

Marijuana Business Attorney Lone Tree

Find a marijuana business attorney in Lone Tree with the experience and qualifications necessary to ensure your commercial business or dispensary is fully compliant on all regulations. The legal landscape governing marijuana production and retail in Colorado is complex and constantly changing. McAllister Law Office is here to help businesses and prospective entrepreneurs to keep up to date with current regulations and to ensure that their operations are within the constraints of the law. Some of our attorneys have been key players in the development of new legislature controlling the commercial marijuana industry. From employment law to tax issues and litigation, our Lone Tree business marijuana attorneys will set you and your enterprise on the right tracks to success.

Medical marijuana dispensaries in particular are subject to a wide variety of rules and red tape. Our Lone Tree marijuana business attorneys can advise you on everything from business set up and mergers to dissolutions. We represent hundreds of dispensaries across the state and frequently assist with the everyday topics of land use, business transactions, employment law, health and safety regulations and patent protections. Knowing that your dispensary is operating within the law means that you can focus on growing your business and improving it every day. Call us now to speak to a marijuana business attorney in your area.

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