Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Marijuana Arrest Denver

A marijuana arrest in Denver can be stressful, inconvenient and a major turning point for your future. Hire a skilled defense lawyer from McAllister Law Office to assist you during this difficult time. Our team has been representing citizens facing all kinds of drug charges for over 14 years. For the sake of your future freedom, get the best help you can today. A marijuana arrest in Denver can have widely varying penalties depending on the amount of marijuana in question and the circumstances in which it was found. New legislation governing marijuana use in Colorado does not mean that the law will come down any easier on those that have been charged with a marijuana related crime.

Our defense lawyers are some of the leading experts on drug law in the state. We have successfully defended hundreds of citizens in court following a marijuana arrest. Whether you have been charged with a minor misdemeanor or a felony level offence, your chances of walking away free is greatly increased with one of our attorneys on your side. We work closely with our clients to ensure a thorough investigation is carried out and a strong defense strategy constructed before the court date. Don’t let a marijuana arrest in Denver dictate your future, call us today.

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