Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Drug Charges Colorado

The regulation of marijuana within the state of Colorado has undergone drastic changes in recent times. This however, does not mean however that is no longer possible to be served with marijuana related drug charges in Colorado. The sale and distribution of both medical and rec recreational marijuana is strictly regulated by new legislation. McAllister Law Office specializes in Colorado drug law and specifically issues regarding marijuana. We have over 14 years of experience providing legal defense services and also operate as a full business law firm for the marijuana industry in Colorado. If you are interested in getting into the business of marijuana or you have received drug charges in Colorado, you will need the assistance of an experienced lawyer.

For first time offenders and those charged with the possession of an illegal amount of personal marijuana, you will have a high chance of very minor penalties being applied. Our defense lawyers strive to minimize the penalties given to clients facing drug charges and eliminate them wherever possible. Nobody wants to spend their time doing community service, on probation or in prison. Our team will protect your rights and lead a strong defense on your behalf in court. Call us today and start the fight against your drug charges in Colorado without delay.

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