Saturday, February 28, 2015

Marijuana Business Attorney Wheat Ridge

Every entrepreneur who wants to launch themselves into the growing marijuana industry in Colorado should firstly consult with a local Wheat Ridge marijuana business attorney. At McAllister Law Office, we can offer you the professional help you need. Now more than ever, businesspeople and caregivers involved in medical marijuana distribution are being tightly regulated. If you are the owner of a medical marijuana dispensary, it is vital that you understand and comply with the dual licensing scheme at state and local level. Our specialized marijuana business attorneys in Wheat Ridge can guide you on your rights and responsibilities in this position.

We work with clients and intellectual property attorneys regularly to keep ourselves updated on the new developments in patent protections, branding rights and trademarks. From basic non-disclosure agreements to complex consulting agreements, our marijuana business attorneys will ensure your proprietary information is protected on local and national levels. The landscape of marijuana licensing and regulation is getting continuously more complex, but you do not need to tackle it alone. Our Wheat Ridge marijuana business attorneys currently represent dozens of medical marijuana dispensaries across the state. For guaranteed representation in litigation and protection of your intellectual property, call us to request a consultation today.

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