Monday, February 16, 2015

Greenwood Village Marijuana Business Attorney

Are you in search of a Greenwood Village marijuana business attorney? McAllister Law Office has the solution. We are a fully operational business law firm for the growing marijuana industry in Denver. With over 14 years of legal experience and specialized knowledge in the areas of medical and recreational marijuana law, we can handle a wide variety of issues. From starting up a business to the establishment of employee contracts and operating agreements, we will ensure you have a stress free experience. Our team of marijuana business attorneys in Greenwood Village is ready to share their expertise and assist you with any business queries you may have.

The marijuana market is an exciting industry for entrepreneurs, but it is strictly regulated. A Greenwood Village marijuana business attorney will help you understand the dual licensing system at state and local level. We will ensure that your business is operating to its full potential whilst adhering to the complex regulations and recommendations. From cultivation to distribution and tax issues, we have the expert background to tackle even the most complex issues. Don’t wait any longer to launch your marijuana start-up. Call our office today to talk directly to a marijuana business attorney in Greenwood Village and get the ball rolling.