Friday, February 13, 2015

Drug Possession Charges Colorado

Get the legal assistance you need to fight drug possession charges in Colorado. With over 14 years of experience and a number of prominent drug defense attorneys on our team, McAllister Law Office is your best source for quality legal defense. We operate in metro Denver and across Summit County. If you are facing drug possession charges in Colorado, give yourself the best advantage and secure a competent drug defense lawyer no rather than later. Within the state of Colorado, the penalties for drug charges can vary widely depending on the type of controlled substance and the circumstances within which it was encountered. A small amount of marijuana for personal use will be treated differently to heroin found in a commercial setting.

We understand that facing any kind of criminal charges can be daunting, and that drug possession charges in Colorado have a variety of possible outcomes. Our team of specialized defense attorneys will work hard to ensure the best outcome for your situation. We have a great track record of reducing jail time, community service, fines and probation.  To leave this trouble with the law behind you and move your life forward past the drug possession charges, take action today and contact our office.