Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Criminal Law Firm Denver

McAllister Law Office is the Denver criminal law firm to call if you have been charged with any kind of crime. Our team has over 14 years of experience and an excellent reputation within the state of Colorado. We can deliver top legal advice and criminal defense services to both individuals and businesses. Although we specialize in drug crimes and marijuana law, we are capable of handling all kinds of cases. Our criminal law firm routinely deals with issues in the family courts, civil litigation, marijuana business operations and criminal law.

Don’t risk your future. When it comes to choosing a Denver criminal law firm to represent your interests and defend you in court, it has to be the very best. The potential outcomes of criminal charges can be long lasting and life changing. From losing your driver’s license, job and reputation to paying high fines, being forced to do community service, put on probation or sentenced to jail, we understand how frightening and intimidating it can be. Luckily, our criminal law firm has years of successful experience behind us and the know how to deal with all kinds of prosecutors. For your best chances of success and a future of freedom call our office today.