Sunday, February 1, 2015

Boulder Marijuana Business Attorney

Get help from a qualified Boulder marijuana business attorney for your new or existing commercial projects in the marijuana industry. Here at McAllister Law Office we have over 14 years of experience and highly specialized knowledge in Colorado drug law. Our team has been working closely with policy makers in recent years on the regulations being put in place to control medical and recreational marijuana use. Get the information you need to successfully run a legal marijuana business in the state of Colorado from our marijuana business attorneys in Boulder.

The legal services we offer to medical marijuana centers range from business mergers and dissolutions to tax law, leases and zoning, real estate and general business operations. A specialized marijuana business attorney will guide you through the red tape involved in setting up a business and ensure you operate within both the state and local regulations. In this emerging industry, it is important to stay on top of the constantly changing legal landscape. With the right professional help, you will be able to develop your business plan confidently and know your rights when dealing commercially with marijuana in Colorado. Call the number one law firm in Boulder with specialized marijuana business attorneys to learn more.