Monday, January 26, 2015

Wheat Ridge Marijuana Business Attorney

Hire a marijuana business attorney in Wheatridge  from McAllister Law Office with the expertise and confidence to guide you through the legal red tape involved in the marijuana industry. Whether you are a concerned caregiver, a medical marijuana patient, an entrepreneur interested in marijuana product manufacturing or a dispensary owner, we have the time and resources to help you. Recent developments and changes to the legislation surrounding marijuana have opened up the market for many business opportunities. Our marijuana business attorneys in Wheatridge aim to give you the legal knowledge and support to be able to run your business successfully whilst adhering to the law.
The comprehensive dual licensing scheme at state and local level means that marijuana facilities are highly regulated and subject to strict guidelines. Having worked with the policy makers from the ground up on this new legislation, our Wheatridge marijuana business attorneys are in the best position to give you professional and practical legal assistance. From health and safety regulations to employment law, tax regulations and leasing, we will give you thorough and detailed advice on every aspect of your business. To ensure you aren’t losing out, consult a marijuana business attorney in Wheatridge before proceeding with the start-up, merger or dissolution of your marijuana based business.

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