Saturday, January 17, 2015

Marijuana Business Attorney Broomfield

Thinking about starting your own business? Looking to step into the legal marijuana trade in Colorado? Make sure you have the advice and support of a marijuana business attorney in Broomfield before you make your first move. McAllister Law Office has been assisting Colorado entrepreneurs to establish and run their marijuana businesses since it became a legal possibility to do so. With our wide knowledge of the laws and ever changing regulations surrounding medical marijuana, we are your best source of information on how to deal with zoning, employment law, litigation and trials, tax issues, business operations, investor relations and business transactions.

For medical marijuana dispensaries, it is imperative for their owners to be up to date and aware of the constantly changing regulations within the marijuana industry. Ensure that you and your patients are conducting business within the state and local regulations. Our marijuana business attorneys serve Broomfield and the surrounding municipalities. From business mergers to dissolutions, our services cover the full range of possibilities. Our aim is to ensure your business can be productive, efficient and operate within the law at all times. Call us today to set up a consultation with a Broomfield marijuana business attorney near you.