Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Lafayette Marijuana Business Attorney

Find a Lafayette marijuana business attorney capable of handling every aspect of setting up your own enterprise. At McAllister Law Office, we specialize in marijuana regulation within the state of Colorado. In the last few years, changing regulatory laws have created an opening for Colorado entrepreneurs to benefit from marijuana related businesses. We have plenty of experience in working with medical marijuana dispensaries, manufacturers of infused marijuana products, and directly with consumers and recipients of medical marijuana. Our Lafayette marijuana business attorneys can assist new and growing companies with the complex variety of legal issues they face every day.

If you have already established your own marijuana dispensary or are in the planning stages, you will need advising on the constantly evolving landscape of medical marijuana regulatory laws, zoning, leases, employment law, business operations, investor relations, litigation and trials, business transactions, tax issues and land use. Our Lafayette marijuana business attorneys currently represent a large number of dispensaries across the state of Colorado. If you too want to ensure your business can operate successfully within the regulations, contact us today. We will schedule a consultation directly with a marijuana business attorney operating in your area of Lafayette or metro Denver without delay.