Sunday, November 30, 2014

Marijuana Charges Denver

If you or a loved one are facing marijuana charges in Denver, finding a confident and capable lawyer to support you will make all the difference. McAllister Law Office provides a full range of legal services to individuals and businesses all across Colorado. We have been in operation for the past 14 years and have built up our reputation as aggressive and effective marijuana lawyers. We understand the implications and outcomes that citizens facing marijuana charges in Denver can expect to face. You may lose your job or driving license, cause problems with your family and have to spend time in jail or on probation. We work closely with our clients to ensure the best possible outcome for their case with little stress.

For all types of Denver marijuana charges, including illegal possession, distribution or driving under the influence of marijuana, our team can build a strong defense for your case. We have plenty of experience working with all kinds of clients, from first time offenders to medical marijuana dispensaries, patients and caregivers. Marijuana charges are highly manageable by the right defense lawyer and they do not have to define your life or affect your career. Call us today to schedule your consultation.