Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Drug Possession Charges Colorado

McAllister Law Office is your best source of legal assistance when facing drug possession charges in Colorado. We have over 14 years of experience and the expertise to handle even the most complicated cases. With the assistance of one of our top drug attorneys, you will have the confidence to face your charges with strength and assurance. Our team has plenty of experience representing all kinds of clients in Denver and across the state of Colorado. We frequently deal with marijuana charges and the tricky legislation that has now been put in place to regulate the distribution of marijuana. Whether you are a business owner, a medical marijuana patient, a caregiver or an ordinary citizen, your Colorado drug possession charges will be handled with professionalism and discretion at all times.

Any charges for drug possession in Colorado are serious and punished harshly by the legal system. For your best chances of avoiding a prison sentence, long periods of probation or community service, you will need the support of a qualified lawyer with specific experience in drug laws. Our team of experts will present a strong 4th amendment defense, an aggressive posture with district attorneys and a well-researched defense strategy. When facing drug possession charges in Colorado, there is no time to lose, contact us today for expert legal assistance.