Monday, November 17, 2014

Denver Criminal Lawyer

Facing criminal charges in Colorado? Whether this is your first mishap with the law or not, you will need a competent and experienced Denver criminal lawyer to help you navigate your case. McAllister Law Office is a professional law firm with over 14 years of experience practicing criminal law and civil litigation. While our company is best known for its numerous successes in high profile drug cases, we also represent ordinary people facing simple charges. Whether you have been charged with theft, DUI, domestic violence or other misdemeanors our Denver criminal lawyers can give you the support and legal advice you need.

In addition to representing individuals facing misdemeanors or serious felonies, McAllister Law Office is also a full service business law firm. We have represented some of the leading marijuana companies in Colorado. In this highly regulated industry it is necessary for marijuana companies to have adequate legal support, operating agreements and promissory notes with investors. When it comes to the future of you or your business, make sure you have the knowledge, strength and experience of Denver’s best criminal lawyers by your side. Contact our office today to talk directly with a legal representative. We assure you that with the support of our criminal lawyers, your case will become less intimidating and more manageable.