Thursday, October 30, 2014

Marijuana Charges Denver

Facing marijuana charges in Denver? Drug charges of any kind are serious offences and should not be taken lightly. McAllister Law Office is the leading law firm specializing in marijuana legal issues within Denver. Despite changes in legislation regarding the legalization of marijuana, the laws are still strongly enforced upon those who do not comply with new regulations. Our team has over 24 years of experience and a strong history of successful cases representing those fighting Denver marijuana charges. For your best chances at leaving trouble with the law far behind you, contact our firm for a consultation as soon as possible.

We regularly defend the rights of all types of Denver citizens charged with marijuana misdemeanors. We have represented both patients and caregivers in cases involving medical marijuana. We also have experienced defending medical marijuana dispensary businesses in legal matters. You don’t need to let your marijuana charges define your life. Our team of marijuana defense lawyers has the drive and ability to make the difference in your future. For your best chance at reduced penalties, avoiding jail time and having the freedom to move on with your life, contact us today to talk directly with a legal representative.