Thursday, October 9, 2014

Criminal Attorney Denver

There is one criminal attorney in Denver with the expertise to help you in your case this year. Sean T. McAllister has over 14 years of experience operating as a criminal defense lawyer specializing in drug charges and medical marijuana issues. As the founder of McAllister Law Office and a member of both the Colorado Criminal Defense bar and the Colorado Bar Association, Mr. McAllister is qualified criminal attorney capable of handling a number of different types of cases. From white collar crime and DUI charges to family court matters and all types of drug charges, we have the background and experience to give top legal advice to all Colorado citizens.

Currently based in Denver, we are expanding to serve clients throughout the state of Colorado. When you are looking for legal representation by a criminal attorney you need to ensure your lawyer has the confidence to defend your rights with practiced knowledge and aggression. Our team, led by Mr McAllister will ensure that you receive the time and attention needed to support you throughout the legal proceedings. With an excellent track record, we have successfully reduced the prison sentences, community service time and fines received by our clients. When you need a Denver criminal attorney, do not hesitate to contact McAllister Law Office for all your legal needs.