Thursday, August 21, 2014

Drug Charges Colorado

When you are facing drug charges in Colorado, you will need a professional on your side with the skills, experience and know-how to support your case. Our drug attorneys at McAllister Law Office are trained to provide the legal support you need and represent you with confidence and expert knowledge. We have the capability to protect your 4th amendment rights and ensure a fair trial. We have a complete understanding of the United States Constitution and how it protects you from unwarranted search and seizures that are not supported by probable cause. We have the experience in Colorado drug charges to be able to handle your case without breaking a sweat.

All of our defense attorneys are very well read in both the old and new laws governing marijuana and other drugs charges in Colorado. We regularly handle cases involving the possession and distribution of cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, pills and marijuana. We have successfully represented many clients involved in the medical marijuana industry, from suppliers and dispensary owners, to patients and their caregivers. You can be confident that McAllister Law Office will defend you from your drug charges with expertise and an aggressive stance. Call us today to schedule your consultation.