Friday, July 25, 2014

Drug Charges Colorado

If you or your loved one is facing drug charges in Colorado, your first step should be to find a successful criminal attorney to represent you in court. At McAllister Law Office, our lawyers are trained specialists with extensive experience in all types of drug cases. We regularly handle cases involving the illegal possession and distribution of heroin, ecstasy, cocaine, prescription drugs and marijuana. Despite the recent changes in the regulation of marijuana in Colorado, it has not turned the state into a ‘free for all’ marijuana zone. The regulations controlling medical marijuana distribution, patient and caregiver rights, and marijuana dispensaries are complex and deceptively easy to get tangled up in. When facing marijuana drug charges in Colorado, it is important to have an attorney with an intricate understanding of the laws and regulations governing marijuana.

The criminal defense attorneys at McAllister Law Office have been deeply involved in the marijuana law amendments from day one. As founder and former Chair of the Board of Directors of the drug reform organization, Sensible Colorado, our leading attorney, Sean T. McAllister is well equipped with the knowledge and experience to represent you in any drug charge case. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.