Saturday, June 28, 2014

Drug Possession Charges Colorado

With the recent changes in marijuana law within the state, many people are confused about the implications and severity of drug possession charges in Colorado. Unfortunately the law still comes down hard on anybody found to be in possession of illegal amounts of prohibited drugs. Fortunately, McAllister Law Office is home to the foremost drug law experts based in Denver. From prescription drugs to methamphetamine, cocaine to marijuana, our criminal defense lawyers are fully capable of representing anybody charged with drug possession or distribution charges.

Our experienced defense lawyers take the time to work closely with the client and to carry out their own research. This commitment to the job paired with an expert knowledge of drug laws within Colorado allows us to give you the best chances on your court date. We work tirelessly to reduce the fines, community service and jail time that you may be facing. Don’t take any chances on your future; arm yourself with the most valuable asset you could have, a capable lawyer. 

With a defense attorney from McAllister Law Office by your side, your Colorado drug possession case will be fought with strength, knowledge and aggression. For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact us today.