Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Drug Charges Colorado

If you are facing drug charges in Colorado, you will no doubt be searching for a legal support team to assist you during this difficult time. McAllister Law Office has over 14 years of experience serving the citizens of Denver. Our priority is to provide our clients with the personal attention and assistance they require during this time of need. Our criminal defense lawyers have the knowledge, experience and confidence to take on any charges and work together with the client to mount a strong defense. As members of the Colorado Bar Association and Colorado Criminal Defense Bar, you can be assured of the quality and professionalism we have to offer.

Amongst the various legal support services we offer are criminal defense against white collar crime charges, felony and misdemeanor charges, medical marijuana charges, DUI and DWAI charges, and any type of drug charges in Colorado. We also provide legal advice to, and can represent businesses or companies. With specialty knowledge in drug law and the regulations around marijuana in the state of Colorado, we can act as expert consultants for medical marijuana businesses and dispensaries. You can rest assured that McAllister Law Office will give you the best advantage in fighting all types of drug charges, including possession and distribution. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.