Monday, June 2, 2014

Colorado Drug Attorney

McAllister Law Office P.C. is home to the most experienced and capable Colorado drug attorneys. With over 14 years of operating from Denver, Colorado, we have the experience and expert knowledge you need. When facing drug charges of any kind, the support you get from your defence lawyer can be the difference between jail-time and freedom. Our expert drug defence attorneys are well versed in both the state and local laws governing possession and distribution of all types of legal and illegal drugs, including marijuana. 

In fact, our lawyers have been key players in the recent changes in regulation of medical marijuana within Denver. Sean T. McAllister, our leading drug attorney, has litigated ground-breaking cases involving marijuana that have resulted in policy reform. He was also involved in drafting the 2012 marijuana legalization initiative Amendment 64. If you are facing drug charges, you will be best represented by somebody who really knows the law around drugs and who has the initiative to change it for the better. Our attorneys can be consulted for business matters as well as civil issues. We are happy to discuss with you the implications and possible legal repercussions of using or cultivating marijuana in your home. Our assistance will enable and empower you to act within regulations and prevent possible criminal charges in the future.